24-Hour Check Cashing Near Me: 6 Places to Cash Checks After Hours

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Sometimes you need to cash a check when your bank is closed. Or, maybe you don’t have a physical bank and don’t want to wait for mobile deposit to make your funds available.

Check cashing services will cash your check, depending on the type of check and its amount. And since many of these types of locations are open 24/7, you can cash that tax refund or veteran’s benefit check at 2 a.m. on Sunday morning if you want. wish.

Here’s what you need to know before you go.

Check cashing requirements

In general, you must bring with you some form of identification, such as a driver’s license, passport, resident alien ID card, military ID card, tribal or reserve ID card or a state-issued ID. You should also bring the check and your social security or tax ID number.

Most locations will only cash certain types of checks that they can verify immediately, such as government checks, bank or cashier’s checks, or money orders. Some establishments cash personal checks, but they may hold the funds for several days before releasing them to you, just to make sure the check clears.

Make sure you know how much you will pay in fees. In some cases, the amount of the check is what determines the fee; in others it is the check type. That $1,200 tax refund check may even cost less to cash than a $100 personal check, simply because there’s less chance of it bouncing. So if you’re shopping around for price, be sure to look at the price of the exact check you want to cash.

Places to cash checks after hours

Here are some places you can go if you need to cash a check after hours.


Payomatic is a chain of check cashing stores in New York. There are 129 stores in the five boroughs, but only some of them are open 24 hours a day.

When you bring a valid ID to a Payomatic location, you can cash a paycheck, government check including tax refunds, insurance paycheck, union check, money order and more Again. Payomatic does not cash personal checks.

Payomatic takes 2.27% of the amount of the check. So a check for $100 would cost $2.27 to cash. If you have a $2,000 tax refund, you will pay $45.40 to collect it.

Please 24/7

PLS has offices in 12 states: Arizona, California, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas and Wisconsin. Many sites, but not all, are open 24 hours a day. PLS will cash paychecks, government checks, business checks and more, even if they are out of state. They will also cash personal checks.

The fee for cashing a paycheck, government benefit check or money order under $1,000 is 1% of the amount of the check plus $1. So a check for $100 would cost you $2 to cash. For checks over $1,000 or for other types of checks such as personal checks, the amount will vary depending on the type and amount of the check.

PLS also offers free money orders, utility and other bill payment service, Western Union money transfers and direct deposit. For direct deposit, your employer pays PLS and you can go there and withdraw your funds in cash.

Fast payment

Speedy Cash will cash benefit checks, cashiers checks, bank drafts, paychecks, student loan checks, unemployment checks, personal checks and more. Some checks require a hold before giving you the money, so you may have to wait for your money if it’s not a government check or paycheck.

Speedy Cash is present in 14 states: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee and Texas. Some of their locations are open 24 hours a day, but not all of them.

At Speedy Cash, you’ll pay 2% to 2.50% of the check amount to cash a payroll or government check, with a minimum charge of $2. Other types of checks may incur higher fees.

In addition to check cashing services, Speedy Cash branches may offer payday loans, installment loans, title loans, personal lines of credit, money orders and MoneyGram money transfers.

Community Financial Services Center

The Community Financial Services Center has 200 locations nationwide that offer check cashing, money transfers, electronic bill payments, prepaid debit cards, foreign currency exchange, ATMs and more Again. Many sites are open 24/7.

CFSC will cash payroll checks, government checks including tax refunds, settlement checks, checks made payable to your company, and certain other types of checks. The fees they charge depend on the type of check and the state you are in.


Check cashing services are available at most Walmart stores. If the store is open 24/7, the check cashing service is also available 24/7. Walmart cashes preprinted checks, payroll and government checks, cashier’s checks, two-part personal checks and more.

Walmart charges a maximum fee of $4 to cash checks up to $1,000 and a maximum fee of $8 for checks over $1,000.

You can also deposit money to your bank debit card at a Walmart store, either at a cash register, at the MoneyCenter, or at a customer service center. You can deposit funds if your debit card is issued by one of 15,000 financial institutions in the United States. A $3.74 fee applies to deposit up to $1,000. The minimum deposit is $20.

Walmart also offers prepaid debit cards, MoneyGram, Western Union and Walmart2Walmart money transfers and more.


Kroger Money Services offers check cashing at over 2,000 stores, as well as bill payment, debit card cashing, money orders, prepaid cards and more.

Fees for cashing checks at Kroger vary by store location and check amount, but at most stores you can cash a $100 check for $4.00 if you have a Kroger loyalty card . If you don’t, it will cost you $4.50. A check for $2,500 can be cashed for $7.00 with a Kroger card or $7.50 without. There is a $5,000 limit on checks.

After Hours Check Cashing FAQs

  • How can I get money with a check?
    • There are many check cashing services that will cash a check, but not all locations will cash all types of checks, at least not instantly. If you have a personal check in your name, you may have to shop around to find out who will cash it. And once they do, you can pay more than you would for a government check.
  • Can I cash a check through an ATM?
    • When you deposit a check at an ATM, the bank will usually “hold” the funds for a few days before you can access the money. They do this to be sure that the check will not be bounced. So if you need money right away, you will need to have at least the amount of the check in your account to be able to cash it at an ATM. What you are actually doing is depositing the check and withdrawing money from the funds that were already in the account.
  • Where can I cash a check without a bank account?
    • You can cash a check without a bank account at check cashing companies, like Payomatic, PLS 24/7, Speedy Cash, CSFC or at stores like Walmart or Kroger. You may also be able to cash a check at the bank it’s drawn on, even if you don’t have an account there.

Information is accurate as of August 22, 2022.

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