9 local clothing stores in Ottawa that will transform your wardrobe


We have a lot of big shopping malls in Ottawa, but sometimes it’s great to see what the local stores have to offer in your own town. It’s easy to forget about local stores when we already have our favorite stores to shop in, but these can not To be forgotten.

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Most of these stores also have an online store., so if you are too lazy to shop, you are welcome. Support local and discover these 9 clothing stores that will transform your wardrobe!

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NRML // Multiple locations

NRML opened its doors in the Byward Market almost 20 years ago, and they have been successful ever since. Their store can best be described as a streetwear boutique, and they have everything you could ever need. Their clothes are modern, sophisticated but also with a little side.

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Roadtrip // 24 York St

Roadtrip Clothing is a unisex store that has everything you could possibly need. From work clothes to everyday wear, your wardrobe will be the best it has ever had. They have a bunch of different premium brands, but the clothes aren’t going to break the bank either!

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Victory // 1282 Ottawa 36

Victoire is a local fashion boutique, with another store in Toronto, and their pieces are super unique. They blend chic and avant-garde, and even better, they support so many Canadian brands. Not only are their clothes and accessories adorable, but their store is gorgeous too.

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Schad Shop // 521 Sussex Drive

Schad Boutique is one of the most popular local clothing stores in Ottawa, and just by looking at their clothes online, you can see why. Their clothes are high end and well worth the price. All of their pieces will last you forever, and their store looks like it came out of a movie.

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Wolf & Zed // 519 Sussex Drive

Wolf & Zed is a sister company of Schad Boutique and they sell nice shoes. From womenswear to menswear, this shoe store is the go-to place for anyone who loves shoes (myself included).

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Frou Frou Boutique // 159 York Street

Frou Frou Boutique is the perfect store for those who like to express themselves themselves through their clothes. Their vibrant prints and unique style will make everyone wonder where you bought your outfit!

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Flock Boutique // 1275 Wellington Street West

Flock Boutique knows all the trends, and they are always one step ahead. They have everything from clothes and bags to home decor, so you’ll never walk out of here empty-handed.

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Trust Fund // 493 Sussex Drive

Trustfund is a sister company of Roadtrip, but he has more of an edgy style. They are huge in demine and their pieces are super unique. You won’t be able to find these coins anywhere else, and that’s a huge plus of a local store like Trustfund.

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Dairy // 45, rue William

Milk Shop is unlike any other store in Ottawa. From super simple pieces to super available pieces, your wardrobe will thank you for the eclectic style you create. They have so many different items to choose from, and they even have bath bombs that you can try, too. If you are obsessed with cats, they have a ton of cat related items that you will fall in love with.


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