A local business celebrates its 100th anniversary

(La Porte County, IN) – Michigan City-Based Company Celebrates 100e birthday.

Tonn and Blank Construction passed the century mark last week.

La Porte County Commission Chair Sheila Matias acknowledged the company through the La Porte County Works program that it began helping people find jobs and illustrating that there are jobs well paid manufacturers available locally.

Matias said the company gives back to the community in various ways.

“It is a key partner that generates millions of dollars in economic development for our community and other communities across the country. They also support non-profit causes and organizations. They like to help us with buildings for non-profit organizations. They often do projects like Boys and Girls Club, AK Smith Center, Unity Foundation, etc. said Matias.

Matias also pointed out that Tonn and Blank Construction opened an offsite construction facility at the Midwest Trade Center in Westville in 2020. Things like bathrooms are being built there and delivered to construction sites to be included in structures that the company builds.

Tonn and Blank Construction employ 250 people.

Matias said businesses highlighted through the La Porte County Works program are listed on the La Porte County Government website.

She said people can go to the website to see detailed information about companies and find out if they have any job openings so they can apply for those positions.

Gladys T. Hensley