A local clothing brand will be sold in a large retail chain


LAKE CHARLES, Louisiana (KPLC) – When social media stars and local celebrities start dressing in your clothes, you might be on to something.

UGLY, short for “You Gotta Love Yourself”, is a basic clothing line created about two years ago by owner and CEO Raywood Joubert.

In addition to gaining notoriety with locals, the brand has now caught the attention of national retailer Macy’s.

Not so long ago, Joubert was in high school, joking with friends and dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur.

“My buddies and I would always say hello to each other like ‘what’s wrong’, and so one day we were just talking about starting a business and trying to work for ourselves,” said Joubert.

This greeting from friends marked the debut of the UGLY brand, which over its two-year lifespan has already captured the attention of social media influencers, celebrities and now Macy’s.

“I just contacted them and luckily they responded and gave me the opportunity to be a partner with them in their market,” Joubert said.

The UG.LY brand will launch at The Market @ Macy’s, starting July 7. The Market @ Macy’s offers brands a turnkey entry into a leading department store to showcase their products and services to a wider range of customers with the support and guidance of an established national retailer.

Seven months ago Joubert, 26, a native of Lake Charles, opened his first store for the UGLY Clothing Company. Inside the minimalist storefront of Prien Lake Mall, you can find shirts, hoodies, rain jackets, hats and other accessories. Joubert, came up with the design of the clothing, and he, along with his wife Cheyenne and a select group of friends, continually execute the vision.

“When he told me about it, I said ‘oh that’s really cool’, and now to see where he is now and how he’s grown up so fast, it’s just admirable..fr as a wife and just to be part of the growth..we put God first and we trust him and he wows us, “said Cheyenne Joubert.

“It’s so crazy that this little idea has turned into something so big and all of Lake Charles love it,” said best friend Jacolby Alfred.

“The ‘You gotta love yourself’ meaning, I knew that was something bigger than the brand because the brand is really bigger than all of us,” said parent Haeden Joubert.

“The main reason I really moved forward with this brand was because I saw where it can bring self-confidence to individuals and being that we always call each other it just helped us to strengthen our trust in each other..friends who call each other call each other and are still friends, ”Raywood said.

Ultimately, Joubert sees his business as a positive force for the community of Lake Charles.

UG.LY will be available at The Market @ Macy’s locations below, starting next week.

The Market @ Macy’s Lenox Square in Atlanta, GA

The Market @ Macy’s Century City in Los Angeles, California

The Market @ Macy’s Twelve Oaks in Novi, MI

The Market @ Macy’s Westminster in Westminster, California

UGLY clothing company

Site: 496 WE Prien Lake Rd, Lake Charles

Hours: 10 a.m. – 9 p.m., Monday to Sunday

Online at: https://uglynmw.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/uglynmw/

Contact: u.gly@yahoo.com

Telephone: (337) 429-5052

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Gladys T. Hensley

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