Bringing Hollywood to Auburn, Local Business Creates Placer County Movie Center – Good Day Sacramento

AUBURN (CBS13) – Bringing Hollywood to Placer County, a local business is working to turn Auburn into a filming destination.

As you drive through Auburn, you might be surprised to learn that the action takes place in a nearly 12,000 square foot warehouse.

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“It’s not just that it’s outside [Los Angeles]. That doesn’t exist in LA either,” explained producer Gabriel Durst.

From sound booths to top-of-the-line equipment, three studios, makeup and special effects, everything you need to shoot a movie is included at Innervoice Creative Wonderlab.

“When you go to a sound stage in LA, it’s just the green screen. There’s no light, you’re lucky if there’s a restroom,” Durst explained.

He came from Los Angeles to produce and direct a pilot series after finding he could do the same job faster, with more access, and at a fraction of the cost.

“The cost barrier to get every little bit in LA once we calculated was five times what we could accomplish here,” Durst said.

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Auburn starred on the big screen in John Travolta’s 1996 film “Phenomenon,” which was filmed in Old Town. Innervoice CEO Stephen Ellestad hopes to make filmmaking more accessible.

“It’s very difficult unless you’re in the places where it’s made, unless you know people,” Ellestad said. “What we want to do is make sure that access to the ability to tell their stories and create is available to people who don’t necessarily have that access.”

So why is it cheaper to film in Auburn? The location, an easier authorization process, the elimination of daily rental fees and the streamlining of services all contribute to lowering the final bill.

“Pennies on the dollar, it really is so much a simpler process. It costs a lot less,” Ellestad explained.

Bringing Hollywood to Auburn is a pitch the filmmakers think is the next big thing.

“I believe in this environment. There’s something about this town,” Durst said.

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Ellestad hopes to expand its reach to bring film festivals to Auburn. Innervoice also plans to provide workshops and learning opportunities for aspiring filmmakers and actors through partnerships with schools and other local organizations.

Gladys T. Hensley