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Gerard Butler comes to Savannah and is looking for his next up-and-coming local star to stand by his side and side during the filming of their new movie. Or, maybe they’re just looking for a theatrical production fan who’s looking to see the inner workings of a movie set. Whatever dream people are looking to pursue, the opportunity is there. “I think the opportunity to be on a movie set is always a good thing because you can see how people work together,” said Bill Marinella of Bill Marinella Casting, Inc. Re on set, just before than they say “Rolling” you can see how each department is communicating, and that’s very important. Marinella’s casting company is looking for replacements to play as police officers in a modern-day film and are also looking for “Breaking Bad character types” to play the role of “paranoid” in the film. The production is an action-oriented show with some really, really interesting characters, said Marinella. “Even the extras, even the background performers are part of the genetic makeup of the entire show,” Marinella said. For replacements, those interested must have two weeks full availability. The salary is $ 175 for 12 hours, plus $ 40 to take the COVID-19 test before the May 15 work date. For the “paranoid,” the job is a four-day call and the pay is $ 96 for eight hours, plus overtime and $ 40 for testing before May 24. “We also pay more than most productions,” Marinella said. “I think it’s a great experience for people to try at least once.” Once applicants are in the system, all they need to do is upload their photos, Marinella said. Their measurements stay in the system and only require updates every six months. “These shows are now migrating to Savannah,” Marinella said. “The word I hear is that as the backdrop to Savannah, people kind of love that little town-to-town feel.” The casting of each production is different, especially in the costumes, which requires all types of people for the roles. Through his work in the film industry, Marinella said he had lived through four eras in one year. “I went through the Korean War; I went through World War II; I went through civil rights and now modern times, ”Marinella said. “Each year has a different waistline. I can tell people, ‘You can dress like your grandfather.’ It’s fun to involve people. His casting company is looking for all kinds of people. “We don’t have enough young people, and we don’t have enough people with a lot of wardrobe options like we could in a more metropolitan area,” he said. “Even if they have a day job or a flexible schedule or if they are unemployed, we just want them to apply.” Marinella also noted that Savannah College of Art and Design has been incredibly accommodating in letting its students come out and perform as extras. He said the experience can be incredibly educational for students. “I know at least 20 people who started out as extras who are now teamters, who are now artisans, set doctors, producers and actors,” Marinella said. “Personally, I put them on the set for the very first time and they now work day to day as a teamster, captain – it really is an amazing way to get a feel for the company.” Bill Marinella Casting, Inc. hosts shows nationwide. He said he is constantly looking for people to work on the production sets. To register, go to; to submit for the paranoid, visit, and to enter the KAAST database, visit Visit for more information.


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