Davidson County residents say these are the top five local restaurants for steak

It’s no surprise that the county’s only steakhouse was voted the best place to eat steak in Davidson County in a recent social media poll. However, who knew barbecue restaurants also cook steaks that locals love to eat?

Two longtime Davidson County barbecue restaurants were voted the second and third favorite places to eat steak by locals. Overall, the top five restaurants are located from Lexington to Denton.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be asking Dispatch readers to tell us about their favorite local businesses across various categories through social media posts. We hope to highlight some of our reader’s favorites such as the best place for lunch, the best pizza place, the best boutique for women’s clothing and more.

We’ll create a top five list (or more in case of a tie) based on our readers’ votes and tell you a bit more about each company. Check back each week to The Dispatch’s Facebook and Twitter page to see which category of reader’s choice we’ll highlight next. Look for social media posts this week asking readers what are the best places to eat a hot dog in Davidson County.

Here are the results of the reader’s choice for the best local restaurants to eat a steak.

Texas Steak & Tap Room in Lexington was voted in a recent Dispatch social media poll as the best place to get a steak in Davidson County.  (November 8, 2021)

1. Texas Steak & Tap House

Address: 412 Piedmont Drive, Lexington

Working hours: 4 pm-9pm. Thusday; noon to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday; noon to 9 p.m. Sunday

Price level: $$

Famous for: “Texas Steak and Tap House. Ribeye. Amazing without steak sauce.” – Facebook commentator Julie Walker Beasley

Cook's BBQ Sill Smoking is pictured.

2. Cook’s Still Smoking Barbecue

Address: 366 Valiant Drive, Lexington

Working hours: 11 am-8pm Friday Sunday

Price level: $$

Famous for: “Cook’s BBQ has a great rib eye steak! The tender and juicy rib eye steak is the best!” – Facebook commentators Michelle and Bob Dunning

Pictured is one of the steaks served at Backcountry Barbeque in Linwood every weekend.

3. Barbecue in the hinterland

Address: 4014 Linwood-Southmont Road, Lexington (community of Linwood)

Working hours: 11 am-8pm Tuesday to Sunday

Price level: $$

Famous for: “The steaks are so juicy and the best in town. We get the sirloin for 2.” – Facebook comment Judy Wimmer

Rick's restaurant in Denton was once again in the top five in a Dispatch social media poll.  This time Rick's was voted fourth best place in the county to eat steak.

4. Rick’s restaurant

Address: 18120 SNC Autoroute 109, Denton

Working hours: 6 am-9.30pm Monday to Saturday; 6 am-2pm Sunday

Price level: $$

Famous for: “I have to say Rick’s in Denton … a small town, close to where I live and at a good price. Oh, and the rib eye steaks are awesome.” – Melissa Byerly Facebook Comment

Yarborough's restaurant in Lexington ranked fifth in a recent reader's poll of the best local restaurants to order a steak.  (November 8, 2021)

5. The Yarborough Restaurant

Address: 321, boulevard Marco, Lexington

Working hours: 11 am-8:30am Tuesday to Wednesday; 11 am-9pm Thursday; 11- 9:30 am Friday; 4 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Saturday

Price level: $$

Famous for: Good steaks.

Gladys T. Hensley