E-Junkies: Raw, Romantic Local Film About Forbidden Love Between Migrant Workers Will Have You “Feel, Learn, and Think A Little”, Entertainment News


Earlier last month, AsiaOne met Adrian Pang and Michelle Saram in a $ 27 million Good Class Bungalow (GCB) where they were reviewing their scenes with local director Sean Ng.

The two, along with Filipino actress Rhen Escaño and Vietnamese actor Ho Thanh Trung, star in the upcoming film Sunday about forbidden love between domestic help Lily and Vietnamese busboy Minh in Singapore.

Michelle, 46, and Adrian, 55, play the glamorous Lees and the owners of the mansion where Lily works, who are going through a difficult time in their marriage.

Adrian told AsiaOne: “There is a lot of passive-aggressive tension between the couple. Once the cracks start to get out of hand, they really start to clash. There is an interesting scene that we shot first. day when it was a Chinese New Year lohei scene where we had all these guests and underlying that there is this aggression between them. “

He added that he was drawn to the film’s “universal message”.

“I think the script has something to say. It’s set in the context of Singapore, and yet it has a very universal message. I think it resonates with everyone. I think it’s a movie that deserves to travel. “

For Michelle, she was moved by Sean and his team’s passion for history. “The best stories make you feel a little bit, learn a little bit, think about something a little bit. And I think it has all of those elements,” she explained.


To prepare for the film, Sean and his team traveled to Orchard Road on Sunday to speak to the domestic helpers there.

He said: “We interviewed and asked domestic helpers all kinds of stories about the love and relationships they have. This is one of those gray areas, frowned upon things that Singapore employers wish for. , for domestic helpers not to have relationships, and that’s something we wanted to tackle head on.

“And there are actually a lot of interesting love stories. A lot of them were so scared they were like, ‘My employer won’t see this, is he?’ They were so scared to talk, we managed to convince a lot of them that it was a safe space and we were just doing research.

Sunday is now in post-production and is slated to hit theaters in 2022.



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