Eat Street app gives local restaurants a boost

WAUSAU, Wisconsin (WSAW) – Restaurants struggling during the pandemic are finding new ways to earn extra cash to survive.

The Ciao restaurant in Wausau presented their virtual ghost restaurant called “Hot off the Press” available on the EatStreet app, their goal is to compensate for expenses lost due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I mean meals are down at least 80%, restaurant meals,” said Adam Jamgochian, owner of the executive staff of Ciao and Hot of the Press.

Since Jamgochian had to shut down his dining hall at the start of the pandemic, business has been a drag.

“Meals on site have greatly decreased. After the restaurants closed, we had almost two months of downtime where it was strictly curbside and pickup only, ”Jamgochian said.

That’s why he decided to join other restaurants nationwide and launch “Hot off the Press,” Ciao’s exclusively online sandwich business through the EatStreet app.

“Ghost cooking was just a way for us to try to reach more people and a different audience, as well as the audience that we already had,” Jamgochian said.

It’s easy to use, pull out your smartphone, download and open the EatStreet app, then search for your favorite local restaurant. In no time, you will receive your order without having to leave your home, ensuring your safety and that of everyone else.

And Ciao isn’t the only local restaurant with a virtual platform, the Great Dane Pub has benefited as well.

Their ghost restaurant is known as “Midcoast Wings,” and manager Josh Bird has said that EatStreet is a blessing in disguise.

“It has been a good thing for us,” said Bird. “Having a resource to always be able to help clients who aren’t necessarily comfortable coming out of a pandemic, I think that’s a good thing.”

This COVID tool may finally have its place after the pandemic, as people feel more comfortable with online deliveries and it becomes more convenient.

“Resources like these different apps are coming out and I can see that they are doing well for the future as well,” Bird said.

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