Filmmakers launch campaign to promote local film and content

An initiative to awaken interest in Kenya’s film and content industry has been launched in Nairobi. The campaign dubbed #WeWatchKenyan was launched at iHUB in the presence of various creative industry superstars.

The move is an attempt to spark Kenyans’ interest in local films and to recognize the many interesting ideas being created by local talent.

The launch included a screening of the internationally acclaimed crime thriller, Why do you hate and drew a watch party of several local filmmakers as well as the film’s cast and crew. It was also streamed live via Zoom and included an hour-long interactive Q&A session with the film’s makers, Wanju Kase (Jante Juma and Robert Kamau), as well as Kalasha Award-winning actress – Ellah Maina , its main role – Bernard Irungu , Cinemaphotographer – Shammer Agila and set designer – Cynthia Kanario.

The initiative is supported by the Kenya Film Commission, YAKWETU Online Limited, a Kenya-based startup that is hosting MyMovies.Africa viewing parties in Nairobi until December 2022.

John Kyalo, Head of Film Development for the Kenya Commission, who was the main guest at the event, acknowledged the great efforts put in by the organizers of the event, saying the Commission is committed to creating an environment conducive to filmmakers.

“The Kenyan film industry has indeed come of age. This is an important milestone for the country’s creative industry. As the Commission, our overarching goal is to create an enabling environment, where Kenyan filmmakers have the supporting infrastructure in place to support production and distribution, and also create platforms where this content can be consumed. he said.

We are proud to mobilize the #WeWatchKenyan movement,” said Ms. Trushna Buddhdev-Patel, Co-Founder and Managing Director of YAKWETU™, “as it also provides a platform for creatives to constructively critique and promote the everyone’s works.

The Kenyan film industry has long come under serious criticism for the lack of proper support structures and laws that stifle creativity.

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Gladys T. Hensley