Finas helps improve the quality of local films thanks to MyLAB

CANNES (France): The National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (Finas) is working to improve the quality of local films to be on par with international films, said Managing Director Prof. Dr. Md Nasir Ibrahim.

To that end, he said Finas has embarked on a project called Malaysian Development Laboratory for Fiction Feature (MyLAB) which brings together local screenwriters, producers and directors in an incubator program.

“Through this program, instructors from different countries, competent and recognized in their respective fields, will help local industry players to improve the quality of scripts, which will then enable them to pitch for funding.

“According to our plan, we will present at the Busan Film Festival later. This is one of the steps for us to improve the quality of our films,” he told reporters here.

To enable local films to enter the international market, he said industry players must be bold to explore collaborations and opportunities that could help them generate revenue and improve quality, thereby expanding the market.

Md Nasir said the country’s relatively small film industry has made it impossible for Malaysian producers to generate adequate revenue.

As such, he said Finas would help players who have the potential to enter the international market by organizing meetings and roundtables as well as providing certain incentives such as marketing funds.

Furthermore, he said Malaysia’s participation in the world’s largest international film exhibition, Marche Du Film, was also an opportunity for them to showcase their strengths and capabilities in expanding the local film market.

“Through our participation in Marche Du Film, we also meet producers and authorities from Canada, France and several other countries so that we can work together so that we can benefit from collaborations,” he said.

La Marche Du Film is the film industry’s largest gathering for producers, financiers, broadcasters, distributors, suppliers and buyers from around the world to meet, share ideas and close deals.

Some 250 companies from 110 countries are taking part in the nine-day film market which started on May 17.

A total of 13 local companies will present various creative content products such as feature films, animations, documentaries and others at the film exhibition, with 10 of them physically present while three others will participate online.– Bernama

Gladys T. Hensley