Gripping Zephany Nurse Doccie will premiere at the local film festival this weekend

After Saturday’s screening, Zephany (Miche) and the Nurse family will be in conversation with Sara-Jayne King of CapeTalk.

Miche Solomon. Photo: NB Publishers

It’s been just over 25 years since a tiny baby, just three days old, was stolen from her mother’s bedside at Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town.

The story of the kidnapping of little nurse Zephany made national and international headlines at the time, as frantic attempts were made to find the child.

But as the days turned into weeks turned into months and years, it was as if the baby had simply vanished.

Now the story of Zephany Nurse has become the focus of a 90-minute documentary which will have its world premiere at the Labia Theater on Saturday as part of the Encounters documentary film festival.

girl taken follows the story of parents Celeste and Morne Nurse, Zephany/Miche, and other family members whose lives were turned upside down, not only by the kidnapping but also by the extraordinary reunion 17 years later.

Pippa Hudson spoke with the film’s producers Simon Wood and Francois Verster.

We first approached the family in early 2016, when we started we never thought the film would take so long. The last pieces we filmed date back to the beginning of this year.

François Verster, Producer – Girl Taken

But oftentimes not being able to make a movie as quickly as you would like often leads to a much stronger, much more complete story.

François Verster, Producer – Girl Taken

The story of Zephany Nurse has just gone around the world. There were stories in the Washington Post and lots of stories in the UK and France.

Simon Wood, Producer – Taken Girl

Many countries have their own Zephany nurse – in the UK there is the story of Madeline McCann – but very very rarely do these children return.

Simon Wood, Producer – Taken Girl

Following this Saturday’s sold-out screening at The Labia, Zephany (Miche) and the Nurse family will be in conversation with CapeTalk’s Sara-Jayne King for a much-anticipated Q&A.

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