Grubhub will offer a corporate payment card to local restaurants

Grubhub announced that it will offer a corporate payment card to help direct orders to local restaurants and increase ordering flexibility for office and home employees. The new Grubhub Payment Card will allow employees working for companies that have a Grubhub Corporate Account to order on and off the Grubhub Marketplace with their allocated line of credit, meaning they can use it anywhere. which restaurant that accepts debit and credit card payments.

With a Grubhub business account, employers can give employees a line of credit to use to order meals. Employers can set a framework for when employees can use credit to order. Some may set time or place guidelines for employees to use the credit, while others give employees a daily or weekly credit that they can use wherever they work, whether at the office or at home. the House. Now with Pay Card, employees have more flexibility with expanded ordering options beyond the Grubhub marketplace.

“Grubhub is on a mission to connect diners with great local restaurants – and our new payment card is another tool to do just that,” said Jeff Mirmelstein, vice president and general manager of corporate accounts at Grubhub. “This card meets employees wherever they are, whether they’re ordering from their dining location on Grubhub, in person at a local favorite restaurant, or picking up groceries on the way home from the office. We’re excited to helping employees connect with one another and with great restaurants.”

With more employees working in a hybrid fashion – especially in rural communities with fewer dining options – ordering flexibility has become essential. The Grubhub payment card will give employees new choices when ordering meals, as they are not limited to ordering only at the office or at restaurants in the Grubhub Marketplace.

The cash card builds on Grubhub’s existing corporate account offering where employers can allocate a line of credit to employees as a perk to boost morale and engagement or be used to cover meals for those working late or having business meetings. Employers have the ability to add funds, set budget limits and purchase category restrictions.

Restaurants on the Grubhub platform are not charged commissions on orders placed in person with this card, and the payment card complements the company’s ongoing efforts to support restaurants – both on and off its market. Since the start of the pandemic, Grubhub has invested hundreds of millions of dollars to directly support restaurants, including more than $130 million in reduced or waived fees to help generate more revenue for businesses when their dining rooms have been closed, and donated over $21 million. in grants to thousands of restaurants across the country through its Donate the Change program.

The payment card should be available later this year.

Gladys T. Hensley