Hollywood Celebrities Honor Local Film Community at Texas Film Awards


What: Texan Cinema Prize

Or: AFS Cinema

The truth: On Thursday, March 8, the AFS Theater in North Austin hosted the 2018 Texas Film Awards. After a red carpet entry, local filmmakers, Hollywood stars, Austin Film Society supporters and special guests gathered gather in the lobby of the new space to sip wine and mingle with friends.

The ceremony, which took place inside the theater, began with remarks from the CEO of AFS. Rebecca Campbell, who has led the organization since its inception in 2001. Campbell’s speech was followed by a spirited and swift $ 30,000 fundraiser led by the CEO of Texas Tribune Evan Black-smith, as well as a passionate speech by the Texan filmmaker Augustine Frizzell, who spoke about the importance of providing financial support to the Texas film community. (the most recent film by Frizzel, Never come back, premiered at this year’s Sundance and currently performs at SXSW.)

Oscar nominee Timothy Chalamet, whose appearance had only been announced a few days before, took the stage in honor of his Call me by your name co-featured Army Hammer, the recipient of Varietyis a price to watch. Hammer’s brief but amusing remarks were followed by a video memorial from Thandie Newton’s director Johnathan Demme. (The actress was originally scheduled to appear in person, but stayed at home in London after her daughter developed appendicitis.)

The Chronicle of Austin co-founder Lewis Black also seemed to introduce Richard Linklater and inducted into the 2018 Texas Film Hall of Fame, Paul Thomas Anderson.

who: Armie Hammer, Timothée Chalamet, Paul Thomas Anderson, Regina Hall, Richard Linklater, Lewis Black, Rebecca Campbell, Augustine Frizzell, Elizabeth Chambers, Anna Margaret Hollyman, Kathy Blackwell, Matt Cook, Lauren Wolf Cook, John Paul DeJoria, Eloise DeJoria, Danielle Thomas, Adam Garner, and Brooke Andrus.


Gladys T. Hensley

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