Idaho clothing company designs shirts to help local restaurants


BOISE – An Idaho clothing company created a t-shirt named #idahostrong in hopes of helping local restaurants stay afloat during mandatory restaurant closings. The Idaho Shirt Company will provide a $ 10 gift card to a participating local restaurant with every t-shirt purchase.

“A few weeks ago when we started to see our friends floundering, we wanted to use our resources and find a way to help them as a group bring people together and start a movement, but also provide resources to the people. restaurants that are failing right now, ”said Ian Williams, president of The Idaho Shirt Company.

The company has always donated five meals to the Idaho Food Bank with the purchase of any item and will continue to donate meals with the #idahostrong shirt. Since last October, they have been able to donate more than 6,000 meals to the Idaho Food Bank.

“We’re just trying to do whatever we can to help people in this really dark time and give a sense of hope and unity across the state,” Williams said.

Since the shirt’s release on Saturday, the company has seen several responses from local restaurants wanting to participate. The list includes thirteen restaurants, but they hope to increase that number to continue helping local businesses.

“We just want people to have hope because if we can come together we can conquer it all right now, even though it’s a really tough time for everyone,” said Williams.

To see the updated list of restaurants or to purchase a shirt, visit The Idaho Shirt Company website.


Gladys T. Hensley

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