“Kamala-craze” in Calgary? : local clothing brand sells graphic t-shirts of vice president-elect


For a Calgary brand, making a political statement is as important as making a fashion statement. Now her Kamala Harris printed tops are in high demand.

The political and feminist fashion company Madame Premier was founded in 2019 by Sarah Elder-Chamanara from her home in northwest Calgary.

She commissioned an Edmonton-based artist to create the portrait to print on t-shirts, but the limited supply quickly ran out on Saturday after the historic election results.

She says she cried several times when she learned that Kamala Harris is the Vice President-elect of the United States of America.

“Kamala Harris shattered the second toughest glass ceiling in American politics. “

The victory is a first for a woman and a person of color.

Elder-Chamanara is now offering pre-orders and will create more shirts based on demand – but when she spoke to CTV News on Sunday, the only one left was the one on her back.

She says Madame Premier celebrates women and minorities who want to see themselves reflected in politics and fashion.

A self-proclaimed political junkie, she is inspired by Canada’s women leaders, but is keen to see more women in leadership positions in this country.

“In Alberta we had (Former Premier) Rachel Notley, in British Columbia we had (Former Premier) Christie Clark, there is currently only one female Prime Minister in Canada .

“How do we move the needle on this?” “

Clothing sales took off at the start of the pandemic – during a fundraising campaign for local charities featuring portraits of Canada’s medical leaders, including Dr. Deena Hinshaw, Chief Medical Officer of Health for Alberta, Dr. Bonnie Henry and Dr. Teresa Tam, the best doctor in British Columbia. the national level.

She hopes this recent example of female success south of the border will inspire others to aim high.

“It gives us a new boost of optimism that anything is possible for women in politics, we just have to keep pushing for it.”

More Kamala Harris t-shirts will be printed based on demand – pre-orders are now being accepted online.


Gladys T. Hensley

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