Kiss My Uterass — Local clothing brand rooted in female empowerment

On May 6, many rallied in an impromptu march to the Denver Capitol after Supreme Court documents leaked declaring the possibility of a Roe vs. Wade overthrow (which was later upheld on June 24). The march was made up of many members of the Denver community coming together to fight for women’s rights. One of them was Borumba Fofanafounder of a new brand for whom this fate was personal.

Discover a brand that celebrates the strength and resilience of women: Kiss my womb.

Fofana knew she would be attending the march, but wasn’t sure whether or not to bring her branded items. In the end, she filled a trolley full of Kiss my womb merchandise and headed for the door to participate.

The wagon – full of hoodies, t-shirts and bags with the words “Kiss My Uterass” printed on them – sold out within 3 hours of Fofana’s participation in the march.

The battle for women’s rights is not a new challenge and is not a new fight. Women have taken up the torch for a century. After spending many years studying women’s health, Fofana was faced with the decision of whether to go to medical school or pursue starting her own business.

The decision to create Kiss my womb was not easy. Fofana is the first generation of her family to be born in the United States, her parents being from West Africa.

Fofana stressed the pressure that circumstances put on his choice, “to achieve and try to make your parents’ dream of coming to the United States worthwhile, was a big thing for me”, he said. she explains.

Her work in women’s health adds a level of depth to her business. When the rumblings of Roe’s knockdown against Wade started to roll in, “I started thinking about what I could do with the resources I had. Women’s health, women’s issues and sisterhood have always been at the forefront of my mind and my daily life,” she said.

Fofana currently works as a medical assistant, but wanted to further develop how she could give back to the community. In fact, one of the pillars of its brand is expansion since “this business is about being scared but doing it anyway. He does what is best for you,” she explained.

This made her decide to forgo medical school and pursue her brand. “I felt like I was doing med school for my parents and not me,” she added.

Fofana’s decision was a challenge for her, but it further illustrated how her brand is rooted in honesty and intention.

Kiss my womb has been a real healing opportunity for me and has helped me find my voice, as well as that of other women. The main goal of the company is to help bring awareness to the shameless voice of the women around me.

For Fofana, his activity is not limited to sales. His short-term goals are heavily dependent on connecting with the Denver community. Another of the pillars of the brand is to give back to society. On their site, 50% of all EF YOU, THANK YOU TOTE BAG orders are returned to

“We all have different reasons why we stand up for women’s voices. So I would like to create a space to have a conversation, basically, about what it means to be a woman today,” she explained.

Providing a forum where everyone can express themselves serves as a reminder that despite our differences, we are all connected. Therefore, Kiss my womb was built on intention and ensures women are constantly tapping into inspiration and utilizing their feminine energy.

“Honor the season you are in, good or bad. Do what you can with what you have and take it day by day,” she concluded.

Kiss my womb the goods are auctioned at Prism Prize on August 20, the annual gala A colorado honors individuals and groups who have significantly improved the lives of LGBTQ Coloradans and their families. Products are also available through the Kiss my womb online showcase.

All photos courtesy of Kiss My Uterass.

Gladys T. Hensley