Lack of staff leads to temporary closure of three local restaurants

BISMARCK, ND (KFYR) – Staffing shortages have led to the closure of three Bismarck-Mandan restaurants over the past two weeks. McKenzie River and Jamrock are closed until further notice, while Noodlezip is closing for several weeks to find more staff.

Some local restaurants are finding that due to a lack of staff, the kitchen is closed. Noodlezip first had to reduce its hours and from Thursday it will be closed for a few weeks.

“There is always a way, whether it is a shortage of employees, a shortage of materials or an increase in the price of ingredients, there is always a way to improvise,” said said Noodlezip owner Marty Lee.

However, a restaurant expands despite hiring difficulties. Old 10 Bar and Grill in Mandan is opening a second location in Bismarck, Northern Washington.

“We’ve done a good job of keeping people and I think it’s about treating them well, paying them what they’re worth and hopefully they stay,” the Old 10 owner said. Bar and Grill, Nate Wolf.

Noodlezip operated with 13 employees. Currently, there are only five. One problem is finding candidates because no one has applied in the last 16 months. And then the small business has to compete with the big box stores that are able to offer more.

“Higher starting pay, sign-up bonuses, full benefits after 60 days, and that’s something we’re nearly impossible to offer our candidates as small business owners,” Lee said. .

Old 10 has not yet started hiring for its Bismarck site. But he currently found that job postings for the Mandan site are not gaining popularity online.

“There are no applications, so if we can get people in, you know, we can teach them,” Wolf said.

Noodlezip plans to reopen on September 19.

The Old 10 site in Bismarck plans to open in January.

Gladys T. Hensley