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STELLA, MO – A company in Stella seeks to help those who cannot afford housing.

Vice President of Next Level Housing, Mike Shrum tells me that every night about 192,000 people in America don’t have a bed to sleep on.

So, to combat this problem, upper level housing creates affordable housing opportunities

While the company primarily manufactures storefront curtain walls for high-rise buildings, Shrum and his partner, Ed Cubel, realized they could do more to help more than their community, but the country.

Mike Shrum, vice president of Next Level Housing, says: “A few months ago we decided to build houses out of this same structural aluminum. And, so, we worked on this idea with an engineering company here in the United States.

And with their hard work and dedication, the duo hope they can help those who don’t have a place to sleep at night.

“Our goal was to start solving the homeless housing problem in America. You know, do our part. We can build these houses primarily in our factory, ”continues Mike Shrum.

Not only can these homes help the homeless community, Missouri Congressman Billy Long believes they will come in handy in times of disaster.

Billy Long – Congressman from the Seventh District of Missouri said, “So if God forbid, we are facing another situation like Joplin, houses like this, FEMA trailers, FEMA houses can be brought. “

Even though they may be small, they have everything you need.

Billy Long: “There is a place for a small kitchen, the living room, the dining room and everything together in the front room of course where you can have a sofa bed, or a trundle bed as we call them, or a twin bed and a chair in there. It’s very functional, very practical for no bigger than what it is.

The price of these houses varies between 35 and 45 thousand dollars.

Although these are smaller houses, you would think they still take a long time to build. But believe it or not, Shrum tells me they can build one in just three hours.

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