Local business donates personalized neon signs to restaurants during pandemic


El Tequila’s new take-out store


ANTIGO, WI — Late last week, Antigo Zeon began delivering free, personalized “Take Out” signs to 18 local restaurants to help them promote business during the unprecedented crisis caused by the COVID pandemic. 19.

“If you like them and want them to be there later, you have to support them now,” Antigo Zeon’s Steve Friend said of local businesses. “This is our home and this community has supported us for years. We wanted to do our part to try to give back. We hope that something as simple as a custom sign in the window promoting “Take Out” to keep these businesses running can help. “

Each of the signs, bearing the words “Take Out” and the restaurant’s phone number, were built at the company’s manufacturing facility on Deleglise Street in Antigo, Wisconsin, where workers from that community make products. personalized neon signs for over 30 years. Then, Tami Anderson, a member of the Antigo Zeon team, delivered each of them personally to restaurants in the community.

“Antigo Zeon delivered this (sign) last Friday. WOW !!! I am so grateful for this beautiful sign. Sweet Thyme’s Tanya Selden posted on the restaurant’s Facebook page. “Tami, it was nice to meet you and I appreciate the personal interest you took in making sure this works perfectly for Sweet Thyme.”

About Antigo Zeon: With production in Antigo, WI and an office in Louisville, CO, Antigo Zeon is the leading designer and manufacturer of point of sale signs and displays for the beer industry as well as others. They are also one of the only suppliers of large-scale domestic neon production to the United States, with the industry’s history stretching back over 30 years.

For more information, please contact Antigo Zeon at info@antigozeon.com or 800-349-6366.


Gladys T. Hensley

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