Local business helps protect your home, property and trees from damaging spring storms

Trees add beauty to the landscaping of any home.

However, poorly maintained trees or storm-damaged trees can die before their time, create personal safety hazards for your family, and even cause costly property damage to your home.

A tree specialist should be called in to analyze your trees to determine whether or not they should be removed.

A tree should be examined with a trained critical eye and know what risk factors should be considered. Each year, thousands of trees in the United States are damaged by storms, wind, lightning, and ice, causing millions of dollars in property damage.

When an owner notices that a tree’s health is declining, it should be attended to immediately. Tree removal should be considered if there are dead branches, rotting trunks, weak soil conditions, insect infestations, or significant and uneven weight distribution.

If it’s time to remove a tree from your property, the best methods are those used by a trained arborist.

Dan Ross adds, “While removing a tree may seem like a very simple task, it’s important that you hire the right professionals to do the job safely and properly so you don’t cause potential damage to structures or injuries.”

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Gladys T. Hensley