Local business helps the environment by recycling clothes


EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Mid-West Textile has been recycling textiles for more than 40 years and plans to take larger amounts of clothing to help clean up landfills.

Sanket Moharir, chief operating officer of Mid-West Textile, said they recycle more than 15 million pounds of clothing and non-apparel textile items per year.

The company buys textiles from charity thrift stores across the country that have a surplus of products they cannot sell or store.

“They get more than what they need for their thrift stores, so the excess product, (which is) one of the largest litters of used clothing in North America, so they choose to sell it to us,” a- he explained.

Their ultimate mission is to keep the clothes from going to landfills, where they usually end up if the clothes aren’t sold.

“If there was no one like us, excess clothing would increase the amount of garbage going into the landfill and affecting our environment,” Moharir said.

Clothing is not processed or cut at the company’s facilities, but is packaged and shipped as is. It is typically sold to retailers or other facilities that cut and process the materials and then use them to make new clothing.

“I think the industry average is around 15 to 25 percent waste when someone wants to classify clothes and we only reject around 5 percent,” Moharir explained of their practices.

Instead of throwing away clothes that are still usable, Moharir advised donating them to your local charities.

“Donate to them because at the end of the day they will find people like us to sell it where you know for sure that it will be recycled and that it will help the environment and also help those in need. Moharir suggested.

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Gladys T. Hensley

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