Local business shows generosity and kindness with metal signs

ROUND LAKE, NY (NEWS10) – Launching a new business during the pandemic is risky business, but signature company Round Lake Decor has managed to pull it off and help others in the process.

Shortly after opening its doors, Round Lake Decor received a phone call. “It was a woman from a Saratoga County organization, asking if we could make her a sign for her new building,” according to CEO Sean Rigney.

The boss said yes and within weeks they made several signs for Wellspring, a place that helps victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence. General Manager Maggie Fronk was blown away by the quality of the panels and the generosity they received.

“Such generosity from the community,” she said. “You put Wellspring on the building and it’s a center for people to come here and was given as a gift of love.”

Shortly after helping Wellspring, Round Lake’s phone rang again, this time the local fire department needed a free sign. Rigney said: “If Santa Claus called you and said, ‘I need help delivering the presents on Christmas Eve,’ are you going to say no?”

The custom-made sign now hangs in the Round Lake Fire Hall Community Hall. “It was a really nice surprise when he arrived,” said firefighter Tom Mazza. “The whole member was like, ‘Wow!'”

The heartfelt gift, however, came when Rigney received a call from a grieving mother, Jennifer Lane, looking for something special to honor her late son Brian. Round Lake Decor got to work, but it was clear the special sign wouldn’t arrive in time for a charity event Lane was hosting for his son.

That’s when Rigney got into his 2003 truck with 150,000 miles and drove from Round Lake to Catskill to hand-deliver the gift. What was Jennifer’s reaction when she saw Sean standing on her porch holding the box?

“I cried. I just cried.

Rigney knows he can’t say yes to every person or charity that needs a new sign, but he does his best to give back. “It’s the right thing to do,” he said. Find more information about his business online.

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  • Jennifer Lane's late son, Brian

Gladys T. Hensley