Local clothing brand Current Nostalgia will open a Camp North End store

Photo courtesy of Camp North End

Current nostalgia was created by Charlotte-native Dylan Foster-Smith as a streetwear retailer in 2020. Since then, he has reached a global audience, selling in over 40 countries.

The The 950 square foot store is expected to open by late fall 2022 or early 2023.

Why is this important: Current nostalgia offers something Foster-Smith says Charlotte lacks access to global streetwear brands.

Details: The store, located at 701 Keswick Avenue Suite 103 at Camp North End will have an industrial interior design style with leather furniture, concrete flooring and exposed piping.

Dylan Current Nostalgia

Founder/Owner Dylan Foster-Smith in a Dime t-shirt. Photo courtesy of Cordrell Colbert

What to expect: High quality shoes, clothing and accessories, with selected global brands and the Current Nostalgia line.

  • They feature household names like Supreme, Nike, Adidas, and Yeezy.
  • You’ll also find niche brands, such as Dutch brands Patta and Parra, Dime — a Montreal brand — and Stüssy – “the original streetwear brand” – according to Foster-Smith.
  • Prices range from $42 to$528, for all of one Patta Wallet at rare Nikes.

“We’re really looking for a global audience,” Foster-Smith told Axios. An audience, in part, inspired by their own travels.

Current nostalgia

Photo courtesy of Cordrell Colbert

To note : Everything sold at Current Nostalgia is very selective and comes directly from the manufacturers to avoid dupes and counterfeits.

And after: As the brand grows, Foster-Smith says they will reach out to the brands Current Nostalgia currently sells, to establish accounts with them. “Nike, for example, will only give an account if you have a brick and mortar,” he explained, making this store the obvious next step if they want to collaborate with the brand to make their own shoe, for example.

  • Foster Smith too wants to collaborate with local artists and hopes to organize events and pop-ups in the new location.
current nostalgia

Photo courtesy of Najm Lloyd

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