Local clothing startup brings dust to the country music scene


Examples of styles from Country Rebel Clothing Co.

San Diego brothers Kevin and Darin Blue have launched an online clothing brand for country music fans nationwide with a mission to “spread the country lifestyle and rebellious spirit that makes it the nation’s greatest.” of the world “.

Country Rebel Clothing Co., launched in San Diego in June, sells a unique line of t-shirts for men and women, with designs embodying the rebellious spirit with slogans like “Rise Against Conformity” and “Live For The Moment” .

The brothers, originally from Spring Valley, have offices in the Gaslamp District and plan to print their shirts locally.

Kevin Blue said the company “is gaining traction quickly” and plans to expand its offering with a variety of high demand country clothing and accessories.

Kevin, left, and Darin Blue with friends at a country music event.

“Our biggest challenge will be to make sure that we don’t lose sight of our core vision as we grow. From the very beginning, we have focused on our unique and fresh approach to the campaign clothing market, ”he said.

Driven by their love of country music, country festivals and what they see as country lifestyle values, the brothers say there is a major opportunity to provide modern country music fans with a new style of music. clothes.

“Fans dominate the country scene and are thirsty for something new that rekindles the country spirit – an era of rebellious youth, with loud voices ready to be heard and spoken,” the company said in a statement. recent press release.

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Gladys T. Hensley