Local company brings specialty pickles to Nevada

RENO, Nevada (KOLO) – The Nevada Brining Company is the premier artisanal pickle company in the state of Nevada.

“Nevada didn’t have a pickle business, so we did it,” owner Matt Soter said.

Nevada Brining Society(collo)

The idea came to him following a health problem, after having had his gallbladder removed.

“Pickle juice helped me get off my meds. It was a natural remedy for me. How it treats and cleans your system,” Soter explained.

So he started the business in 2014, starting small, ordering 200 cucumbers a week.

“The very first product that came out was our deli-style pickle, which is really our only traditional offering,” Soter added.

Nevada Brining Society
Nevada Brining Society(collo)

They now consume about 2,000 cucumbers per week and offer a variety of specialty flavors, including the Boozy Pickle.

“The pickle-back shot was a big thing when we started this business,” Soter explained. “And so we were like, why can’t we take the bourbon and the pickle and put them together.”

Alcoholic pickle
Alcoholic pickle(collo)

It became the bestseller and gained national recognition after being featured by Parade. They also have collaborations with local restaurants, like the “Icky” Pickle, made with Great Basin Brewing Company’s popular IPA.

“I love it when people tell me they don’t like pickles,” Soter admitted. “I can usually always find something you’ll like.”

Products expanded to Stagecoach carrots, Comstock cauliflower and Great Basin beets, as well as a variety of rubs, spices and brines.

“We’re trying to separate ourselves from all the other pickles you’re going to see on the shelf,” Soter added. “Minimal ingredients. And that’s what separates natural pickles from the ones that have been sitting in jars for years and years that you get that have very strong preservatives in them. And those show through in the flavors.

Nevada Brining Society
Nevada Brining Society(collo)

Nevada Brining Company products are now available at Sprouts stores statewide and more than 60 Whole Foods stores in Nevada and California. You’ll also find them at several restaurants and delis here in northern Nevada.

“We have been very lucky and very blessed, again, by our community,” Soter said. “We’ve had a lot of help along the way, and we’re very grateful for that.”

Nevada Brining Company is located at 185 E. Glendale Avenue in Sparks. You can view the menu by clicking on the link below.

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