Local Company Fulfills Hundreds of Ukrainian Flag Orders

EAST GREENBUSH, NY (NEWS10) — Until a few days ago, few people knew the colors of the Ukrainian flag. Today, buildings in New York and around the world glow blue and yellow. People proudly fly the flag alongside the American flag, and a local company can’t make them fast enough.

“They’ve been very popular lately considering what’s going on in the world,” said Mary Coffey of Gettysburg Flag Works.

Gettysburg Flag Works in East Greenbush is well stocked this week with Ukrainian colors. They tried to keep up with demand with over 300 incoming orders.

“So many Americans are looking to show their support.”

The color of the blue sky above unites Ukrainians and all freedom-loving people. The yellow below represents the wheat fields of a country known throughout history as the breadbasket of Europe.

People here at home held the Ukrainian flag with love and support.

“You see the news stories and the impact it has on civilians, and I think people want to show their support,” Coffey said.

Point by point, Gettysburg Flag Works helps create a simple statement of solidarity. The company said you can order a flag by stopping by their East Greenbush location or calling them; however, it may take a few days longer than normal.

Gladys T. Hensley