Local company meets growing need for EV chargers

As more of the population drives electric vehicles (EVs), locations with EV charging stations are becoming attractive destinations. EV Range, an electric vehicle charging software and installation services company with Tahoe roots, provides fast charging stations in commercial locations.

Photo courtesy of EV Range

Meet a growing need
Residents and visitors to Tahoe are more likely to drive electric vehicles than most because they appreciate the impact climate change can have on the Tahoe Basin and the environment in general. As Tahoe continues to grow and attract customers, the need for electric vehicle chargers increases.

“Creating a network of charging stations at commercial sites is not only nice to have, but also essential to supporting the Tahoe environment,” said Carl Pancutt, CEO of EV Range. “Electric vehicle drivers generally want to have a positive impact on the environment.”

That’s why EV Range is working fast in Tahoe, providing charging solutions at Vail Resort’s Northstar Station, as well as Tahoe’s restaurants, shops and hotels. The company provides both DC fast chargers (DCFC) and Level 2 EV chargers.

EV Range is on track to install 26 high-power electric vehicle charging stations in California and Nevada this year.

“While California and neighboring states have been at the forefront of transitioning to eMobility, the mass adoption of electric vehicles requires significant investment in public charging infrastructure,” Pancutt said.

Provide opportunities for business owners
CNBC reported that General Motors has received 65,000 reservations for their Hummer electric vehicles, and they’re not the only company seeing soaring demand.

“There is an onslaught coming. OEMs can’t produce electric vehicles fast enough,” said Nevada resident EV Range and Zephyr Cove business manager Kevin Schifrin. “Once these electric vehicles are delivered, the problem is where to charge them when people go out. We are here to solve this problem.

Business owners have the unique opportunity to benefit from the installation of EV chargers in their stores, restaurants and hotels: EV drivers are attracted to locations equipped with chargers and, as they spend more time in the store or restaurant, this likely results in increased sales. And people who have invested in electric vehicles often want to support companies that are actively committed to environmental sustainability because they share a common value.

“Environmental and community sustainability are core to our core values ​​at Vail Resorts,” said Northstar California Resort General Manager Deirdra Walsh. “Northstar is always looking for new ways to serve our customers and have a positive impact on our world. We partnered with EV Range because they have the expertise and technology tools to quickly install and operate charging stations with maximum uptime.

EV Range helps businesses profit from charging stations by providing real-time usage data and summary reports.

“We help make the installation and management of charging stations a viable project,” Schifrin said.

Photo courtesy of EV Range
Photo courtesy of EV Range

Provide superior support
EV Range can send alerts to companies that have charging stations when a vehicle exceeds its time limit. It provides revenue, statistics on billing times and alerts if the system stops working. If the station goes offline, EV Range contacts the company and can send a technician to fix it.

“We are involved in the planning, consulting and construction phases,” Schifrin said. “We have the software platform that runs the loader, so we have full reporting, a driver interface and great support.”

While some competitors’ Level 2 chargers have gotten a bad reputation for breaking or not handling well, EV Range ensures consistent quality.

“We’re looking a lot at charger support. We know when something is offline and we provide 24/7 support,” Schifrin said.

The company also helps business owners secure grants and maximize tax incentives so it costs owners a fraction of regular setup fees.

“EV Range’s expertise enables Liberty Utilities to easily bring electric vehicle charging to our customers,” said Matt Newberry, Liberty Utilities Manager III – Electric, Business and Community Development.

simply the best
Pancutt and his team helped build the first high-power DC fast charger for electric vehicles in California, and as CEO of EV Range, he looks to future needs.

“A lot of people sell chargers, but we find out what customers need and future-proof the equipment. So if more electricity or solar power becomes available, we can always address it.” , Pancutt said. “Our software management system is designed to allow a charger operator to optimize a variety of objectives such as energy cost, charging speed and priority of one charger over another. software to operate the charger is extremely flexible and is no more complicated than setting up your home Wi-Fi router.While EV Range continues to partner with leading companies and utility providers in Tahoe, he singles out Tahoe as one of the nation’s top sustainability destinations.”Lake Tahoe is known as the Jewel of the Sierra,” Pancutt said, “and we are proud to work with partners in the area to actively take climate action by helping visitors and area residents adopt zero-emission vehicles.”

Gladys T. Hensley