Local company Origin Meals gives back amid coronavirus pandemic

While so many small businesses hemorrhaged money during the coronavirus pandemic, a local business that started out in St. Paul has been fortunate enough to operate on the status quo for the past two months.

This is why Origin Meals has been so focused on giving back.

From creating a handful of new jobs to donating more than 3,000 meals to nonprofits in the Twin Cities, co-founder Tyler Carlson said the meal service company is proud of what she was doing to make a difference.

“We looked at each other and thought, ‘How can we play a little role? “Said Carlson. “We knew we couldn’t make fans or something like that. We knew we could make a positive impact in the community in a way that was also relevant to our brand.

This is exactly what Origin Meals has been doing since its inception about seven years ago. It started out by partnering with CrossFit St. Paul and has grown into a large-scale entity, now based in Hopkins, which provides nutritious, high-quality, locally sourced meals to customers in many major metropolitan areas. of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois.

“Normally, people have the option of picking up at a gym or having it delivered to their homes,” Carlson said. “After all the gyms closed, we just made the decision to go 100% home delivery. This created stress and tension on our end as we essentially quadrupled the number of stops made by our drivers. It also helped us retain our customers.

As a result, Origin Meals has been able to add around 10 employees over the past two months. While that might not seem like a substantial number in the grand scheme of things, with only 30 employees in total, this is a significant increase in staffing for them during the COVID-19 crisis.

In addition, Origin Meals has funded over 1,000 meals in conjunction with Meals on Wheels and donated over 2,000 meals.

“We feel lucky to be in a position where we can do something like this with whatever is going on,” Carlson said. “We just wanted to help people in any way we can.”

Gladys T. Hensley

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