Local company Svaha creates women’s clothing in STEAM

On the last Friday of January, super heroic women gathered at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center for the first-ever Wonder Women Tech Global Summit. Women from across the district joined forces to tackle the under-representation of women in science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) with their various unique ‘superpowers’.

And just outside of the summit meeting, the allies of the super women – salespeople, mentors and workshop leaders – were eager to give scientists and mathematicians all the energy boost possible.

In the case of Svaha, a clothing company based in Northern Virginia, that boost came in the form of equipment.

Founded in 2015, Svaha sells clothing for women who work in STEAM, especially those who want to combat the discomfort that can sometimes arise when working in male-dominated industries, and those who just want to show off their passion for organic way.

Svaha’s dresses are designed with functional pockets, made with 100% organic cotton and eco-friendly organic dyes, and go up to 5x (their term for plus sizes). Their best-selling constellation dress glows even in the dark.

“What infuriated me was that when I told people I was a scientist, one of the most common responses was, ‘You don’t look like a scientist,'” Svaha co-founded. Eva everett said. “One thing we wanted to show was that women have a place everywhere and we wanted to have clothes that allow people to embrace their passions. “

Everett and Jaya Iyer founded the company when they worked together at ThinkGeek, a retailer that caters to “geek culture” and computer enthusiasts. At the time, Iyer was facing an interesting issue involving his three-year-old daughter, Svaha.

Mad about stars and space, Svaha couldn’t help but talk about planets and being an astronaut, and to Iyer’s surprise, she couldn’t find girls’ clothes that met her interests. girl.

Inspired by her daughter’s love for space, Iyer created Svaha to solve the problem and launched a kickstarter with a goal of $ 30,000 to provide. science and technology themed clothes for girls. With 331 backers supporting the idea, Iyer and Everett achieved their goal.

“The launch of our Kickstarter really helped us understand that people wanted this and that there was a need for this type of product,” says Everett.

In just two and a half years, what started as a kickstarter to provide STEAM clothing for girls has expanded its reach to adult and baby clothing as well as jewelry and pajamas.

“Most of our kickstarter contributors are still our customers. It’s very reassuring, ”says Iyer.

Lisa Mae Brunson, founder of Women Wonder Tech, had only known the founders of Svaha through social media and first met them at her first DC World Summit. Founded in 2015, Wonder Women Tech is a non-profit organization that provides year-round programming for women in STEAM fields. With over 2,000 conference attendees and over 5 million social media reach, Wonder Women Tech has hosted conferences in Los Angeles and Long Beach, California. They chose London as their next location for June 2018.

“Before the birth of Wonder Women Tech, I was rallying to support Svaha,” says Brunson. “It’s amazing to see the growth we’ve both achieved in this time and how our missions align thanks to Wonder Women Tech. When we decided to have a summit in Washington, I knew Svaha had to be here.

The women who stopped by Svaha’s table validated Brunson’s instinct – they asked insightful questions while admiring the products. A woman asked how accurate the code and algorithms were on the prints of their clothes.

“One of the big challenges we have in designing our clothes is that they have to be precise because they are worn by professional women,” Iyer explains.

Iyer and Everett ask professors in the field to develop the algorithms, coding languages ​​and formulas that appear on their clothes, then they decide on the colors and design.

Iyer and Everett have high hopes for Svaha’s future. They have ambitious plans to grow and eventually become a household name and favorite store for anyone who enjoys STEAM fields and wants to buy STEAM related products.

Gladys T. Hensley

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