Local film nominated for international awards

Another locally produced short is on the shortlist of a major international film festival.

‘Remembering the North Barrule Air Crash, 1945’, a film about a local man’s annual commemoration of the Isle of Man’s most devastating and deadliest aviation crash, was nominated for an award at of the upcoming Celtic Media Festival, to be held in Quimper, Brittany in June, later this year.

The short documentary was filmed by Brook Wassell and commissioned by Culture Vannin.

It follows Mike Corlett, who makes an annual memorial on the slopes of North Barrule to remember the crash of an American B17 bomber on April 23, 1945, which Mike witnessed as a child, in which 31 airmen tragically lost their lives, if near the end of World War II.

A young boy at the time, Mike and his friends cycled from Laxey down the Corony Valley to Maughold to see the bomber wreckage.

Since then, he has come to the site every year to make sure the American flag flies at the crash site on the date it happened.

The wreckage of the plane is still visible at the site.

James Franklin, head of education and online resources at Culture Vannin, said that under Brook’s direction, “the film rises above simply telling the story of the event, or even simply from the act of commemoration, and points to the deeper connections possible over time and in the Manx’ landscape.

“It’s an incredibly powerful film about history, memory, landscape and remembrance,” James said.

“It takes us on the journey interweaving Manx and international stories and histories across the country and through our actions that we are doing today.

“It’s stunning, and we’re proud he’s representing the Isle of Man at this year’s Celtic Media Festival.”

The film was made with the help of the Manx Aviation and Military Museum and the Maughold Parish Social Club, which commemorate the crash annually.

In addition to this film, Culture Vannin said they were “thrilled” to join local film company Dark Avenue Film in the Celtic Media nominations, after their short film, “The Lost Wife”, was also nominated in the Short Drama category. .

The film was supported by several organizations, including a grant from Culture Vannin.

Gladys T. Hensley