Local film showcases the ideals of modern Bradford

A LOCAL film has been made which tells the story of the relationship between an old white man and his new Muslim caregiver.

The story focuses on how Bradford’s demographics and diversity have changed over the years and how this aligns with the vision of the city’s leaders.

The film titled “My Home” stars Frank Ryan and Leela Tikadar, who represent the old and new ideals of Bradford.

Aelixir Media Company is a Bradford-based voluntary organization, which tries to increase the number of films being shot in the city by giving locals the opportunity to participate.

Director Bilal Mudassar Khan said: “My Home aims to portray a modern British Muslim, whom we rarely find in the media.

“The story highlights Islamophobic views in modern British society and reflects the writer’s personal experience in his field of work.

“As a director my goal was to tell the story as sensitively as possible in a film, and I think with ‘My Home’ I was able to make a film that conveys its main message in a light way. without being too negative or political.

“We hope ‘My Home’ will highlight issues of prejudice and intolerance, but also help raise awareness of how British Muslims are making a positive contribution to modern society.”

The production company Aelixir Media focuses on promoting local filmmakers who highlight many issues in modern society.

The company has several exciting projects coming up in the New Year, with the release of “My Home” and several other local films.

Bilal said: “Bradford is a particularly diverse and tolerant city, and we hope to promote that. ”

The film was supported by the Bradford Council and the Bradford 4 Better Community Action Group.

Gladys T. Hensley