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DoorDash strikes in Bedford.

The small town of Bedford is getting a big-city amenity this month with the arrival of DoorDash delivery services from several area restaurants and businesses.

Hoss’s Steak and Sea House and Horn O Plenty restaurants in Bedford are offering the delivery service, with fast food outlets McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Taco Bell and Bestway Pizza participating. CVS Pharmacy and Sheetz can also be found for delivery options through DoorDash, for food and beverage items, and more.

DoorDash is an app customers can get for mobile devices that they can then use to search for local restaurants, browse menus, order direct, and set up delivery for desired products.

This service helps restaurants hoping to gain exposure, grow their business potential, and also offers customers a way to view menus, have meals delivered to their front door, and still be able to eat at home at the same time. .

DoorDash employs fleets of independent drivers called Dashers. Customers pay the delivery charge and tip listed for each order to the driver, not the restaurant or business. This provides more income opportunities for local community members who may choose to register as a DoorDash Dasher. The company says its Dasher services are “powering new ways to earn, live, and work.”

Every restaurant or business subscribes to a plan with DoorDash – either a flat fee for every order made through the app, or through subscription or commission plans. Each establishment can set the menu or stock the items they wish to make available for on-demand delivery.

As with take-out orders, delivery orders require thoughtful advance planning by restaurants and Dashers, according to the website, such as setting up a system with take-out bags, napkins, condiments, sauces, cutlery, etc. , and the process of thinking about which foods and beverages should be kept hot or cold with insulated racks.

Often a designated area for staff should be set up to prepare orders for delivery and coordinate with drivers. With DoorDash being the largest delivery company of its kind, plans appear to be fairly straightforward to set up this system to deliver food and other key products to customers quickly and safely, according to their website.

Diane McIlveen is the manager of Hoss’s Steak and Sea House near the Bedford Turnpike interchange, and she said their entire menu is part of DoorDash options.

“Everything is available,” she said this week, and few people have yet taken advantage of the service, saying customers are increasingly relying on takeout orders. “DoorDash delivers to many homes and hotels, and I expect more people to order when they find it’s available.” McIlveen said she “expects this to become a more prominent option in the near future.”

At Wendy’s near Hoss’s, manager Jennifer Elgin said DoorDash was “just starting to take off. I think it will help and it will be a good thing to give customers what they want and need. »

Mandisa Horn, owner of Horn O Plenty in Bedford, said the decision to sign up with DoorDash was prompted by “Facebook chatter” from people in the area looking for delivery options. Horn said she was “really surprised” at how the delivery option took off for her restaurant. “It’s bigger than I thought,” she said, with delivery orders arriving every day now.

Although Horn O Plenty will reopen on February 4 for in-person dining, Horn believes that during the off seasons they will still use the takeout/pickup/delivery options available to them through DoorDash’s Dashers.

Horn said that in addition to ordering through the app, customers can also order directly through Horn O Plenty’s website, and “it’s more beneficial for customers because they would pay less in delivery costs.” The restaurant’s entire menu is available for delivery right now, but that could change if they get busier later in the year, according to Horn.

“I can see how this thing could explode” in a good way and become a positive option for his restaurant and for the Bedford County area, Horn said.

Even restaurants that don’t yet offer DoorDash in Bedford spoke of the value of these delivery services to the community. 10/09 Kitchen co-owner Sara Letzo said: “I have two thoughts: one is that this is an amazing option for Bedford, and I’m delighted. And that it’s a cool, creative concept and a new chain” for restaurants in the area.

“I don’t think we’re in that bucket right now” of food delivery services, but they’ve really increased their take-out options. “We just don’t have the capacity to make deliveries right now. But I think all new restaurants will have to – it’s yet another tool.

Customers talk about the ease, convenience and choice of having DoorDash and other delivery options in Bedford, although a few places have always offered their own delivery services, such as pizza places, and since the start of the pandemic – like Peppercorn Market, a downtown specialty food store.

Bedford resident Lucy Kentner said she finds the DoorDash concept for this area “useful for people who live in the township areas – there will be more options for us”. Kentner said transporting meals from “point A to point B” is beneficial. “After a long day at work, someone can come and deliver a family dinner to us.” She said she already frequents all the places that currently offer door-to-door delivery anyway.

Downtown Bedford’s Sue Simons doesn’t leave her house often, she said, so she’s “really excited” that DoorDash is coming to town. “The main reason is that I don’t go out much, and only pizzerias were up to it. Now I can get these delicious dishes with more choices,” Simons said. She looks forward to the menu menu from Horn O Plenty, a few select options from Wendy’s. “I love Wendy’s salads.”

Simons said home delivery services are “the wave of the future and exactly how the world is.”

Manns Choice’s Recie Dolan also thinks delivery services like DoorDash are the company’s trend right now, but she has mixed feelings about those options.

“I can see the value and importance of people with disabilities, people with temporary or permanent vehicle and transportation issues, and those who need extra support in their lives, using DoorDash,” a- she said on Sunday.

But the flip side is that she sees a larger societal problem in the fact that people aren’t gathered together in the kitchen as much anymore to prepare family meals and make healthier food choices, as well as a sense that ” we should all have immediate access to everything.” Dolan said she felt grateful that she didn’t need help with delivery meals, but saw how it could benefit some people.

Dutch Corner’s Carol Feather also doesn’t feel the new delivery options will be as useful to her family as others, although she said her husband usually drives into town for takeout orders. sometimes. “He’s quite particular and wants to get his own orders.”

Kay Reynolds lives in a Graystone active seniors’ residence apartment in the Meadowbrook neighborhood of Bedford, and thinks she and others in her building will be thrilled when DoorDash is coming to town. “That’s not to say I’d order for delivery every week, but once in a while it’ll be nice to know we can. And knowing I could be delivered by, say, Horn O Plenty, doesn’t diminish me l want to go there for a sit down dinner. I love the smell of their house – the fire they cook with – it reminds me of a ski lodge when I go there.

Samantha Diehl sees the delivery options as an advantage she can use to her advantage – “I work in the Ridge area, so it would save me running to Bedford for a quick dinner.”

Diehl said his dining options can expand with the availability of delivery services because “although there are great restaurants here, it offers more variety. Convenience would be the biggest benefit.

Toni Amick works in Bedford but lives in the West Providence area of ​​the county. “Being single, I think DoorDash and the delivery options are beneficial and amazing.” She plans to use these services more now that she knows they are available. She said she’s used food delivery options in other cities and felt “envious that those options aren’t available in Bedford yet.”

Amick said she’s more likely to order meals from full-service restaurants rather than many fast-food outlets because she’s “looking for quality.” Delivery to his corner of the country “now changes things” for Amick. “I will know now that when I leave work, I can have my dinner delivered to me.”


For more information on DoorDash for deliveries or to become a Dasher, visit their website and download their app at DoorDash.com

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