Local restaurants and lack of respect for customers who dine there – The Suburban Times

Submitted by Phil Roy.

This has happened three times in the past few weeks. My wife and I have been to three different restaurants here in Lakewood. We went for breakfast at Black Bear Dinner one morning and waited about 40 minutes after ordering for our food to arrive at the table. When I questioned the waitress she said they have to do all Door Dash, Uber and Hub Grub orders before doing dinner in customer orders.

Then we went to MOD Pizza and they did all the delivery orders before taking restaurant customer orders.

Then Wednesday night I ordered online at the Long Beach Cafe and their website says online orders will be ready in 20 minutes. I ordered at 4:44pm, arrived in Long Beach at 5:05pm and didn’t receive my order until 5:35pm. When I asked why the delay it was because they had to take out the packing slips.

These three restaurants have no respect for their customers when they bow to delivery companies, but complain about the amount they have to pay the delivery company. Their dining at customers should be more respected and given priority to people who use these delivery services. They seem to have time to wait.

Wake up restaurants and make your dining room customers your priority! Or lose them.

Edward Jones - Bart Dalton

Gladys T. Hensley