Marshon Ford signs NIL deal with local company


Louisville star tight end Marshon Ford is a local product that shines on the national stage for his hometown team.

In two years, after walking and getting a scholarship with the Cardinals, Ford scored 13 touchdowns. The Ballard graduate made his mark at the high school and college level athletically and now the latest NIL legislation allows him to make his mark on local businesses.

Ford has signed a partnership with Dan-O Seasoning according to Danny Mosby, who represents Ford. They also worked on a Tik Tok commercial that was filmed at Ballard High School on Friday afternoon.

“I am blessed to team up with a local company that is doing some huge things in Dano’s Seasoning,” said Ford. “I look forward to our partnership, growing together and representing Louisville to the best of our ability.”

“We are delighted to announce our partnership and to officially welcome Marshon to the ‘Dan’ family,” said Meredith Lawrence, Executive Vice President of Dan-O’s Seasoning. “We love to support the heroes of the hometown! Marshon’s hard work and dedication is inspiring, and we look forward to working together ”

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Local ties for Ford are important. He has a clothing line that includes the words “To My Town” and the area code 502. While pursuing other NIL deals, Jamon Brown, a Louisville native and former U of O offensive lineman. L, will also help Ford. Brown has a company called Total 360 Management that will also guarantee other NIL deals for Ford, Mosby said.

“Marshon is a hometown hero with an incredible story,” Brown said. “At Total 360, we are happy to be their NIL team and present them with partnerships that fit their mold. Dano’s is an amazing brand and a local business. I can’t think of a better way to give it a go. ‘sending to Marshon. ”

Ford is entering this season as one of Louisville’s most versatile offensive weapons. Ford used to get a scholarship when Scott Satterfield took over the program and never looked back. He’s technically an H-back who lines up in the backfield, on the line, but will also catch wide passes this season. In two seasons, he had 601 yards and 13 touchdowns. Louisville expects its goals to increase this year in the latest iteration of Scott Satterfield’s offense.

“We have similar stories, Marshon and I were both underdogs who refused to give up, and now we’re here,” said Dan-O’s Seasoning owner Dan Oliver. “Our collaboration alone is proof that hard work, determination and perseverance pay off. ”

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Either way, Ford will have an impact on the pitch this year in many ways and off the pitch Ford is now operating in the NIL world with local partnerships.

“Marshon is an excellent student-athlete, and he and his history as an underdog are very marketable,” said Mosby, who can be contacted for additional questions about Ford at “We are grateful to Dano’s Seasoning for this partnership, and we look forward to our future together.”

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