M’sians Claim Local Business Is Illuminati Because They Use One-Eye Logo, Netizens Amused

Some conspiracy theories contain a grain of truth while others are just pure bullshit.

Recently, a local clothing company by the name of Stoned & Co uploaded a video of their sign in Bukit Bintang.

This project is a collaboration with Frame of Mind and aims to promote their new NFTs which are releasing this February 26th.

Seeing that the eye symbol is used in the logo here, some netizens were quick to comment and speculate that Stoned & Co is part of the Illuminati.

Illuminati Comments

Seeing this, many netizens laughed and responded sarcastically.

Local Company Eye Logo Illuminati 1 comments

“They can’t look at an eye logo, next time they have to put on the nose logo then.”

“These people are stupidly hilarious.”

Local Company Eye Logo Illuminati 4 comments

“There are a lot of Illuminati products among the Malays, huh? »

“These kids if they meet a one-eyed person, they’ll say they’re Illuminati too.”

“As long as it’s an eye, it’s the Illuminati.”

Others say these netizens are double standards because they agree with the Stoned & Co logo that looks like a marijuana leaf while being triggered by an eye logo.

Local Business Eye Logo Illuminati 2 comments

“It’s so funny to see these kids triggered. You’re okay with the marijuana leaf, but you start boycotting when it’s an eye. Dumb.”

Local Business Eye Logo Illuminati 3 Comments E1645590928363

“Cannabis, yes. One eye, no.

“Those who say it’s the Illuminati, I think you can just take your eyeball out and throw it away. That’s the Illuminati in your face, isn’t it?”

Illuminati Local Business Logo 1

Although the Stoned & Co logo looks like a marijuana leaf, it is actually a Japanese maple leaf.

It was certainly very amusing to see these comments. What other things have you seen that have been labeled as Illuminati products? Let us know in the comments.

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