Primrose director wants to cultivate talent among locals

Primrose resident Urbain Joshua is a director, producer and screenwriter.

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He is looking for talented actors in Germiston to nurture and nurture their skills.

Due to the financial implications, he urged the community and businesses to rally behind his vision and offer their support.

“I am a talented screenwriter. I write films, series and books. I started producing films while in Bloemfontein where I also trained young people to film, direct and produce films,” Joshua said.

“Today, two of my former students from Bloemfontein have their own production company. Today, I want to recruit young people around Germiston and the surrounding area and develop their acting, directing and producing skills,” he said.

“We are based in Germiston at 15 rue Joubert where we organize our training sessions.

In Bloemfontein, I had set up a production studio which I later sold when I moved to Gauteng. I also started what we call ‘Bloemllywood’ because we have Hollywood in America and Nollywood in Nigeria,” Joshua said.

Since emigrating to Germiston, Joshua has managed to produce at least two films and bring talent to SABC productions and overseas.

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“I have a movie called Behind the Alter which is a movie that focuses on how pastors live their lives beyond the pulpit,” Joshua said.

“We have more scripts to produce as a result of this project. I would love to continue filming more episodes if the opportunity arises,” he said.

“This movie was shot in Germiston three years ago, without proper equipment, but people loved it and it got our characters noticed.

“One of the boys was then cast for Generations at SABC 1. The other person went to Spain with the Lion King casting team after auditioning,” Joshua said.

He added that he is looking for people with equipment to offer their skills, time and resources to partner with him to produce more movies and series.

“I have over 30 scripts already written and edited. All I need is someone to work with.

“We need your companies to help cover filming costs or someone with cameras to help us reach our end goal,” Joshua said.

“Over the years I have worked with Omoseye Bolaji, a Nigerian writer who worked in South Africa as the editor of the Free State News,” Joshua said.

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“I wrote a book about him called The Triumph and before that I published another book called Spiritual Comma,” he said.

“Spiritual Comma was made up of all the newspaper articles I used to write weekly for the Free State News. I combined all the stories into a book,” Joshua said.

“South Africa has so much talent but lacks good stories. I believe I can make a big contribution to this industry,” Joshua said.

Contact him on 068 472 1415 or by email at [email protected]

Gladys T. Hensley