PUBG Mobile is collaborating with local movie franchise KL Gangster for something “amazing” in July 2022

The popular mobile game PUBG Mobile today announced that it will be collaboration with Malaysian film franchise KL Gangster – his first local film collaboration in our country. Shared via a trailer on the final day of the PMPL SEA Championship Spring, the 30-second video shows characters from the film sparring but with a PUBG twist.

In a statement today, PUBG Mobile said fans can expect something “amazing” in the game in July 2022. Additionally, fans are also being teased to stay tuned to the band -full live action ad coming soon.


In addition to this, PUBG Mobile has also claimed that the collaboration with KL Gangster will be the first of many other local collaborations coming to the game. PUBG Mobile has clarified that these other collaborations will be unveiled later this year.

In the teaser video which can be viewed here, Syamsul Yusof reprized his role as Shark and Dato’ Aaron Aziz as Malek from the KL Gangster series, with the two potentially lending their voices to the game for the special collaboration. For Dato’ Aaron in particular, this would be his third time appearing on PUBG Mobile with previous cameos via the Infection Mode series collaborations, PUBG Mobile x Arcane Netflix.

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Gladys T. Hensley