Sparkling local clothing brand Queen of Sparkles is ready for its first Mardi Gras season

Sparkling local clothing brand Queen of Sparkles is ready for its first Mardi Gras season

Sweaters, dresses, blazers and skirts – there’s hardly any piece of clothing that entrepreneur Jaime Glas hasn’t thought to spruce up.

The Baton Rouge native built it queen of sparks fun, sparkly and functional brand for everyday use. She brightens up cozy sweatshirts and sweaters with rhinestones, feathers, beads and sequins to create unique pieces suitable for a variety of occasions.

For Glas, these bold designs are not meant to put the wearer in the center of attention.

“I design sparkly clothes because it makes me happy,” says Glas. “I just try to create pieces that make people feel happy and confident.”

In just eight months, Queen of Sparkles has become a popular Baton Rouge brand, available at stores like Bella Bella, Rodeo Boutique and Wanderlust by Abby.

“It means a lot when you put yourself forward and people support you,” says Glas. “It’s crazy. I never thought all of this would happen.

It’s a balmy day during our conversation in December, and Glas just released Queen of Sparkles’ holiday line, complete with Christmas tree-covered sweaters and skirts and festive cocktails. And she already has her eye on the next big South Louisiana party.

“I think Mardi Gras is my favorite holiday to design for,” she says. “I know Mardi Gras fashion customers will be crazy and there.”

While Glas makes clothes year-round, there’s no season for sequins quite like carnival season – and she says she’s prepared for whatever weather the season throws at her. Her first Mardi Gras line debuted in January, adorned with chunky sequins and rhinestones. From sweaters to short-sleeved dresses, you can find almost anything to wear for a season that will hopefully be full of shows and fun.

While a student at LSU, Glas studied engineering and business. Although she has always loved fashion, she never really knew if she could make a career out of it.

Once in the professional world as an engineer, Glas found a way to marry his industry with this love for clothing and fashion. In 2014, she founded HauteWork, a brand of flame-retardant clothing tailored to women’s bodies, after realizing that most technical safety equipment was only available in men’s sizes.

After being an engineer for seven years, her love for glitzy clothing and game-day style pushed her in a new direction. In 2018, Glas co-founded Sparkle City, which specializes in sparkly clothing for holidays, game days and other occasions.

In March 2021, Glas launched her own brand, focused on bringing sparkle and glamor to everyday fashion.

Although Queen of Sparkles is her label’s name, Glas says she owned the royal title long before she added sparkly pearls to crewneck sweaters.

“Queen of Sparkles has been my Instagram nickname and handle since I got an Instagram account in 2013,” Glas says. “All my friends’ kids call me Aunt Sparkles too. I’ve always dressed like that. My fashion has always been a little out there and bright.

After branching out and starting her own business, Glas got to work designing sparkly game-day sweaters and party-style tops with rainbow fringed sleeves and tulle necklines. . Glas says she loves the creative freedom that comes with designing holiday collections and everyday pieces.

“My favorite part of the business is the design part,” she says.

Although Glas has designed some spectacular pieces for special events, she hopes Queen of Sparkles will grow into a bigger lifestyle brand and a household name.

“I will always sell pieces for game days and parties, but for me it’s more of a lifestyle,” says Glas. “The goal is to be a brand that has a variety of products and sparkly things for everyone. I want to make bags, shoes, and maybe even dog collars that sparkle. The sky’s the limit. I don’t want to stop.

This article originally appeared in the February 2022 issue of 225 magazine.

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