Tamil film Paramapatham’s 18 international awards prove local film can go global

Local movie Paramapatham, which won 18 awards at various international film festivals, is proof that local productions can penetrate the international market, said Deputy Minister of Communications and Multimedia Datuk Zahidi Zainul Abidin.

Among the awards he has won are Best Cinematography at the Norwegian Film Festival, Best Feature Film at the Tagore Film Festival as well as Best Producer at the Coimbatore Film Festival.

He said that as such, the efforts of the film’s production team should be commended.

“The film (Paramapatham) won 18 awards internationally (and) is the only Malaysian film that has captured a fairly good market in India. Thus, we (the ministry) wish to offer our congratulations.

“It’s not only a great movie, but it also has great actors, singers and songs… everything meets the quality needed to venture onto the international stage and that’s why this movie won awards”, he told reporters after the film’s launch. song trailer and audio.

Zahidi said the film also managed to make it to Malaysia’s World Records, Asia World Records and Asia’s Big Book of Records as the local Tamil film to win the most awards. international.

The fantasy suspense film tells the story of an archaeologist named Aroon and his three friends, who find an ancient board game engraved with the word “Paramapatham” on their journey.

The film, directed by brothers Viknes Perrabu and Thanesh Perrabu and produced by Dr Latcha Perrabu, will be screened in cinemas nationwide from April 29. – Bernama

Gladys T. Hensley

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