The hot sauce company Zephyrhills has a presence in many local restaurants

ZEPHYRHILLS, Fla. – It all started with a love for all things hot and a passion for giving something new a chance.

Matthew Zambrana and Jason Reed took a chance and started their own hot sauce company, Rhino Smash.

After finding their own version for themselves, they were finally launched at the Pasco EDC. After finding success there, they opened a new space in Zephyrhills.

They have something for just about everyone, from mild hot flavors to ultra spicy and some that are even suitable for dessert.

“Our curse of Apache, we call it our chili sauce. We put it on everything. And it’s super hot, but it’s super tasty. And we like to do unique combinations by adding fruit and yes, everything the world can do it. But I think like we have a kind of niche market where we do it well,” Zambrana explained.

Currently they are producing 10 sauces with more to come in the future.

“So overall the best sellers are Mango Habanero. We use a real mango, so it’s not an artificial flavor. It’s fantastic on the wings. Spicy-wise, Apache’s Curse is by far our best -seller. But right now we have 10 flavors. We’re getting ready to bring back the BBQ sauce we made for the Zephyrhills Pigs in Z’Hills event. We’re also working on a dry seasoning,” Zambrana said.

You can learn more about their history and products by clicking here.

Gladys T. Hensley