The local film industry is not up to scratch

The quality of locally produced films is not up to international standards, as Cambodian film producers and other local technicians lack the skills to make quality films, and the lack of funds exacerbates the problem, according to the government.

To solve this problem, the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts (MCFA) is organizing an event to promote new directors with the Cambodia National Short Film Festival (CNSFF 2022) to offer young directors the chance to become the filmmakers of the country of the future. .

MCFA consultant Sin Chansaya said on Friday that the Cambodian film industry is growing, but most locally produced films do not reach Khmer audiences because they lack the desired sound, visual clarity and film talent. actor required.

“However, fun is also necessary to produce films and most directors face the challenge of creating that in their films and making their films attractive to investors,” Chansaya said.

“However, the pleasure of producing the film is very important because most directors face the challenge of raising it from any investor to complete their films,” Chansaya said.

Filmmakers entering the industry understand that there are many challenges and many of them simply give up, which means there is a lack of highly skilled and trained producers in the industry.

Director of the Department of Cinema and Cultural Dissemination, Pok Borak, said: “Out of about 30 films made by Cambodian directors, only two of them are sold abroad.”

Borak added that most local directors post short films on social media, but these are mostly low-quality productions.

A young filmmaker and producer, Neang Kavich, whose film “White Building” won the “Special Selection” award at the Venice Film Festival in Italy in September 2021 and was Cambodia’s official entry for the 2022 Oscars, said that he faced many challenges raising funds to finish the film.

“If we make a short film, we also face money problems to complete the move in a short time. If we make a feature film, we increasingly suffer from a lack of money. The financing is very important to produce a quality film,” he said.

Plerngkob Production co-founder and director Lomorpich Rithy said yesterday that CNSFF 2022, which runs from December 16 to 20, is a very good platform for young filmmakers to meet, talk and share experiences.

However, they can also show their talents in filmmaking and find investors who are interested in their works to produce a film.

Lomorpich said most filmmakers in the counties face the challenge of having fun making films, while income from film screening is not evident as some moviegoers enjoy internet movies after Covid-19.

Gladys T. Hensley