This local company says now is the time to install solar panels

PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) – According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, 54,501 homes are equipped with solar panels in Illinois.

Hunter Trenary, vice president of Sun Collectors in Peoria, is making sure residents of central Illinois know solar panels are an option.

“Our niche market is to ensure that solar power is affordable and a smooth transition for all parties, and to ensure that small communities also have a chance to benefit from the programs,” said Trenary.

With a federal tax refund and renewable solar energy, installing solar panels on homes helps homeowners lower costs in the long run.

Al Kuhlmann, who bought solar panels from Sun Collectors, said the move was definitely the right one.

Kuhlmann said: “One of the reasons for this purchase was the large discounts which were going to earn us around 2/3 of the purchase price.”

Despite COVID-19, the company has managed to stay afloat, while reducing costs for homeowners.

“In the midst of the pandemic, it was really amazing,” Trenary said, “Because we were able to help people cut their bills in a really troubling time, while still being able to employ multiple people and make them work for the duration of COVID. “

Trenary said Illinois reimplemented the renewable solar energy credit program or SREC during COVID-19.

“Solar still works great in the state of Illinois, but you have to use a lot more panels than you would in a sunnier state. The more panels you use, the more the price of the system increases, so unless there is a state level incentive like the SREC program, the feasibility of solar energy is really not there ” , said Trenary.

While SREC is available, he said homeowners should take advantage of the program now.

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