Vegan chocolates from a local company bought by Whole Foods – Cross Timbers Gazette | Denton County South | mound of flowers

Wicked BOLD vegan chocolates are now sold at all 14 North Texas Whole Foods stores, the local family business’s largest partnership to date.

Husband-and-wife entrepreneurs Deric and Brooklynn Cahill started the vegan chocolate brand a few years ago and have grown the business ever since. They had a huge business boom thanks to viral videos on TikTok last year, shortly before the Cahills opened their new Wicked BOLD Vegan Kitchen, which also serves as the chocolate factory’s new, larger production kitchen. The Whole Foods partnership is a big deal that took years to prepare.

“It took years of relentless prospecting on our part, trying to get their attention,” Deric said. “We finally had a meeting with them in December, and about two months ago they gave the go-ahead to have all four flavors in their stores. We expect that to be an additional 1,000 bags per month. , doubling our activity overnight.

Deric said he was also asked to present the chocolates at Walmart. He is ready and willing to take the brand “to the moon”.

“We want to take the big foods head-on,” he said. “We’re really committed to making great food and we think we can keep up with the demand.”

Deric said the company will convert about half of its space at Wicked BOLD Vegan Kitchen, 3343 Long Prairie Road, into additional production space to meet increased demand. No menu changes are in store. The company is also looking to hire new team members to help cope with increased business. If you are interested in any of the job offers, contact [email protected]

Gladys T. Hensley